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Inside of Your Kiss

Title: Inside of Your Kiss
Author: smotheredakiss
Pairing: Jon/Mat
Summary: Mat walks in on Jon jerking off.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't know, don't own.
Author's Notes: I posted this at slashypunkboys a few weeks ago, so sorry if you've already read it. Oh, and the ending is a little rushed. I might edit it later, though. Umm, yeah. Enjoy?

And oh good god I need this
Just a chance to show your weakness
So I can come inside of your kiss and just
Leave you on your knees

The first thing Mat hears when he walks into the dark hotel room is the obvious sound of Jon jerking off. Normally, Mat can’t tell who’s who by listening to them masturbate, but he’s sharing a room with Jon. If it’s not him, he won’t be sure what to think.


There’s a moan, then a soft "fuck" from the nearest bed. "Uh. Yeah, Mat?"

Mat smirks. "Did I interrupt something?"

"Well. Uh. Yeah, actually, you did interrupt. Do you mind?"

"No, not at all." The smirk stays on Mat’s lips as he walks over to his bed, toeing off his shoes and getting a toothbrush from his suitcase. Jon waits for him to start towards the bathroom before continuing. Mat flicks on the bathroom light, and turns back towards Jon just as he really starts to go at it. That one light is shining on his skin perfectly, and Mat doesn’t need to see every part of him to decide that Jon is absolutely sexy when he’s jerking off.

"Oh, shit. Mm." Jon’s breathing hard, eyes shut, but the noises he’s making are soft. "Fuck. Oh, Jesus. Shit."

Before Mat really knows what he’s doing, he’s started walking back towards Jon, tossing his toothbrush back in the suitcase on the way. He stands next to the bed, watching Jon’s face change and following his hands. One is moving rapidly along his cock, the other shoving itself up his tight black shirt, rubbing his nipple. His dark jeans are around his thighs, sweat breaking out on his forehead.

"You’re pretty sexy when you jack off," Mat tells him quietly.

Jon opens his eyes quickly, gasping. He looks confused for a moment, before grinning. "Yeah? Thanks."

"Want some help?"

"If you want to help me."

Mat crawls onto the bed, and the first thing he does is drag Jon’s pants off of his body. Straddling his legs, he looks up at him and wraps a hand tightly around his cock. Jon’s head flies back into the pillows. "Shit."

"Feel good?"

"You know it does."

Mat’s fingers curl around Jon’s cock, moving slowly and teasingly. Jon’s breathing is getting shallower, his body tensing, when Mat’s hand leaves his cock. He grins at the younger man’s disappointed face, scooting himself up his body and lowering his own in a push-up motion over him. Touching their noses together, Mat licks Jon’s lower lip in a slow, hot line that makes him whimper.

"Mat, stop teasing."

"Mkay." As if to make up for it, Mat devours his mouth, twining their tongues and making them both moan in anticipation. He traces Jon’s jaw, leaving kisses that are mostly tongue and all wet. Kissing down his neck, Mat pauses to lick at the hollow in his throat. Jon’s hands are fluttering over his back, unsure of where to land or what to do. Mat’s hands are pushing up his shirt, wanting to take it off without breaking contact. When it’s finally gone, Mat’s mouth dives back down to his chest, licking and sucking over a nipple.

Jon’s finally figured out a use for his hands, pushing Mat’s pants down as far as they’ll go, as well as yanking on his white t-shirt.

"Off," he says, quietly. Mat glances up at him, giving him a chance to pull it up and over his head. Jon’s hands glide up his pale chest, curling over his shoulders and pulling him down to kiss him again. When he’s sure Mat’s going to stay there, he starts to unbutton his jeans, unzipping them and pushing them further down his narrow hips, until Mat has wiggle out of them. Once he’s free, Mat presses their hips together, forcing gasps out of their throats at the feel of bare skin on bare skin.

Mat tears his mouth away from Jon again, moving down his chest quickly. Just before he reaches his cock, he moves over to one delicate hipbone, lavishing attention on it. Jon’s barely moving, waiting, but it’s so hard.

"Mat, please."

"Please what?" he replies, sliding smoothly over to the other hip.

"Suck me off." Mat pauses for a moment, waiting for the effect those words have had on him to pass. Before Jon can ask again, Mat’s mouth is surrounding him, impossibly hot and slick. Pale hands slip up and hold his hips down, making sure he can’t move. Jon grips Mat’s hair tightly, forcing his head down, and Mat swallows around him.

"Uhh, fuck, Mat. Christ." Jon wraps his legs around Mat’s upper body, feet sliding on the sweat-slicked skin, and loosens his fingers. Tonguing the underside, Mat pulls up and sucks lightly on the head before going back down. Jon opens his eyes, and the sight of Mat’s head bobbing in his lap sends him tumbling over the edge.

"Mat, I’m –"

Mat ignores him, keeping his mouth firmly around Jon until he comes. He swallows and gently pulls off, moving back up his body to kiss him. The kiss is short, just a reminder, and Mat pulls away.

"Let me fuck you," he breathes into Jon’s ear, sending shivers through him.

Jon doesn’t reply, only rolls them over and straddles Mat, taking his cock in his hands. Mat sucks in a breath at the feeling, whispering his name. Jon leans down, sucking at the lobe of his ear.

"Mm, yes."

Mat shoves Jon’s hands away, rolling him quickly onto his back and setting two fingers against his lips. Jon accepts them, rolling his tongue around them, and Mat can barely stand the tongue ring against the heat of that mouth. Next time, he thinks, because there will definitely be a next time. After a moment, he drags the fingers slowly out of Jon’s mouth, pulling them down his chin and throat and chest, leaving wet lines that make him shiver, before lowering them. With one finger pressed inside of him, Jon groans and squirms.

"Fuck, Mat, I can take more than that."

Mat glances down at him, smirking, and presses another in. Jon adjusts quickly, and is soon thrusting against Mat’s fingers, defiling his slight body in a way that makes Mat groan.

"Jesus, Jon, are you ready?"

"Yeah, yeah, go ahead."

Mat glances around, searching for something they could use for lubrication. Jon sets his hands on his waist, pulling him forward until Mat’s straddling his chest. He pushes him forward, taking him into his mouth, but not doing anything fancy. Mat pouts when he pulls away, having looked forward to the tongue ring, but Jon doesn’t notice.

Mat slides back down, lining himself up before starting to push in. Jon digs his fingers into his back, tensing, short nails biting into the skin. When he’s in all the way, Mat pauses, waiting for him to adjust. Sighing, Jon thrusts roughly against Mat almost immediately.

"Whore," Mat grins.

"If you want to insult me, that’s fine, but if you’d actually fuck me while you’re doing it, that’d be even better."

Jon barely finishes his sentence before Mat’s thrusting into him, hard and deep. He leans down, making an attempt at a kiss. Their tongues meet in the air instead, twisting messily. Suddenly, Jon pulls away, shouting Mat’s name, face contorting in pleasure.


Mat focuses on hitting Jon’s spot again. Jon’s body is writhing, disjointed moans shoving themselves out of his throat. His face and chest are slick with sweat, mouth open, eyes shut. He reaches his right hand down, stroking himself off. That gets Mat off more than anything, and he starts pounding Jon into the mattress.

"Fuck, Jonny, you’re so fucking hot when you do that."

"Yeah?" Jon licks his lips, and he’s close, but not as close as Mat is. Mat shifts his weight to his left arm, reaching over to help Jon, twisting his wrist and pressing just behind the head. Jon shudders, trying to control himself, but Mat’s fucking him so good.

"Ohh...oh, god, Mat. Don’t stop, please don’t stop!" Each of Mat’s thrusts hits Jon’s spot and sends the bed into the wall. The younger man is grasping his shoulders, hips meeting Mat’s, and he knows it won’t be much longer.

"Jon…fuck." Mat’s words dissolve into moans and grunts, and he leans down to kiss Jon again. He can feel him trembling below him, smell the sweat on his skin, and before he knows it, he’s coming, stiffening and then nearly falling onto Jon at the intensity of his orgasm. He’s whispering Jon’s name into his ear, muttering things about how gorgeous he is. He lifts himself up just in time to watch, mesmerized, as Jon finally comes, muscles straining. His skin shines, eyes squeezed shut, mouth wide open. His perfect make-up has smeared, but he looks utterly satisfied.

Mat flops onto his stomach on Jon’s right, one arm draped across the younger man’s chest. Jon curls into his side, one leg twisting itself with Mat’s. Exhausted, Jon leans up, kissing him chastely on the mouth before falling asleep.

- - -

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