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I. Love. You. Sick. Boy.

Kill Hannah Slash V.2.0
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All Members , Moderated
kill hannah
About the Community:
kh_slash is a community devoted entirely to the loveliness of Kill Hannah slash. It is moderated by x_carnivale_x, killhannahx3, domin8ed and __undertherose_.

About the Band:
Kill Hannah consists of five members as follows:
Mat Devine - vocals, guitar [sometimes]
Greg Corner - bass.
Jon Radtke - guitar, back vocals.
Dan Weise - guitar.
Garret Hammond - drums, but not currently. [Took a break because of his newborn. Cute.]
Elias Mallin - new permanent drummer.

Rules and Regulations:
I'm sorry, but we have to have them.

1. Keep posts on topic. Relate them at least to Kill Hannah, however, it would be wise (meaning a very good idea) to post slash!

2. Introduction posts will be allowed ONLY if they contribute to the community. [IE: are related to Kill Hannah or Kill Hannah slash.] We don't want a bunch of posts that only say "HAY GUYS HERE I AM". Those sorts of intro posts will be deleted.

3. Posts must be Friends Only! Be sure you lock your entries before you post!

4. NO ADVERTISEMENTS! PERIOD. NONE. They will be immediately deleted. If you have an advertisement you'd like to post, please contact a moderator to get an approval or denial.

5. You may post stories, pictures, slashy occurences, graphics, fanart, etc... so long as it's related to kill hannah and more importantly, kill hannah being slashy.


7. Please follow the given format for posting stories [seen in next section].

8. If you are posting a chaptered story, you must include links to previous chapters. It makes reading these stories much easier simply because we dont have to go back looking for any chapters we missed.

9. Dont be dicks. Kthx.

Posting Information:

When you make a story post, you must include the following things.
Previous chapters: [Very important if you're posting a chaptered fic. See Rules and Regulations.]
Summaries, subject lines, etc... are completely optional.

As far as stories with heterosexual content go, they may only be posted so long as slash is also included within the story.

Spelling and Grammar Requirements:
This is an extremely important section, PAY ATTENTION TO IT.

1. All posts much be coherent. Stories must be easy to read, must make sense, and must have proper spelling and grammar. We won't delete a post for a typo or an accidental comma misuse, that happens to the best of us. But we will delete any post that resembles 13 year old AIM dribble with excessive and unnecessary spelling and grammatical errors.
* Full words are required. No abbreviations such as "u" instead of "you", "4" instead of "for", "2" instead of "to", "ur" instead of "your", you get the picture.
* Full sentences are required. I don't want to see random fragments that make NO sense.
* Paragraphing is required. Posts that just contain one large block of text will be first warned, and if not fixed, deleted.
* Dialogue must be properly spaced. If two people are speaking, their separate dialogues SHOULD NOT be on the same line.
* Lj-cuts are required. No story is to be posted outside of one.

2. You are absolutely required to make any changes a moderator asks of you.
* Most moderators will give you a number of days to fix the problem, and will give you up to three warnings; however, if the problem is not fixed, they have the authority to delete your post.
* If you object to the change, you can protest it, but not just "because you don't want to change/fix it", you must have GOOD REASON to not fix something. Most of the time, if we asked you change something, we probably had a good reason for it. So do it. If you object to a change, do not give good reason for your objection, and do not fix the problem, the moderator has the authority to delete your post.

3. In short, all posters are required to at least review their stories in Microsoft Word (or a program similar to that which has a spell-check function.) If you cannot comply to this, you must have a beta.
* If someone beta'd your story, tell who the beta was so that we can verify the review.

kh_slash expects coherent and logical writing. Incorrect spelling and grammar will not be tolerated considering the fact that most basic spelling and grammar should have been established by 8th grade. If you have troubles in those areas, you MUST get someone to review your work. End of story, no discussion.

Contact Information:

Owner and Maintainer: x_carnivale_x
- email: lindsey.akers@gmail.com
- AIM: xcarnivaljunkiex
- MSN: lindsey.akers@gmail.com
- EMERGENCY email: shalafia@gmail.com [please only email this account if there is a major issue.]

Co-maintainer: killhannahx3
- email: pink_panther_1227@yahoo.com
- AIM: erinkillsmile
- EMERGENCY contact: http://myspace.com/iwannafrickinpenguin

Co-maintainer: domin8ed
- email: mking112476@gmail.com
- AIM: hassu enkeli
- MSN: shorty112476@hotmail.com
- EMERGENCY email: shorty112476@hotmail.com



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Required Disclaimer:

Every story posted in this community is ENTIRELY fictional and based on speculation or imagination. Any "slashy" situations or pictures that are posted, they are merely speculated as "slashy", and they are NOT in the slightest meant to offend. If any Kill Hannah member stumbles along here, we mean no offense and this community is not here because we "dont like you". Some people have a tendency to think that and that's not true in the slightest. We're just some people who think it's hot when two of you guys bump and grind and all that lovey dovey shite. ^.^

If the idea of slash offends, please do one of two things.
1. Leave immediately.
2. Stick around until you become accustomed to the idea of slash.

If anyone, and I mean ANYONE dares to insult, fight or cause trouble here, I will not hesitate to report you to livejournal authorities for harassment. Be good, or get out.




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